virtual receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

As millions of workers log into work from home to avoid the spread of COVID-19, there’s the risk that they could increase the chance of exposure to another kind of virus, the kind that can lock up corporate networks, Bankruptcy etc.

Having a home business can come with tons of challenges. One obstacle that should be familiar to you at home business owners is having to push back those solicitors from your front door while trying to juggle your client conference calls. In fact, it’s not just the interruptions knocking at your door that intrude on those important client calls. There’s a whole other world of interference happening at home while you’re trying to work and run your business.

Incoming Calls Are Continuously Interrupting Your Workflow

You’re a one-woman or one-man band and the performance of your business demands everything from you. Orders for products or services have to be filled, inventory needs to be handled, expense reports filled out, and your at-home business needs your full attention. You also need to be taking care of your customers calling in, too. By answering all those calls, you constantly interrupt your workflow. This causes your work to take twice as long (if not longer) as it would have without those intruding inbound calls, and you might make more mistakes.

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