How much money should you pay to hire
a virtual assistant (VA)?

If you don’t know the answer of the above question correctly, you are not alone!  Most entrepreneurs are not sure about the actual cost of hiring a virtual assistant.

And they think hiring virtual assistants will cost them a fortune!  But this is not the true.  On the contrary, a virtual assistant can save you heaps of money, not to mention the time you are saving by having a virtual assistant complete your day-to-day activities and the money you make while you are working on your business – not in it!

To gain something, you need to pay something.  And this is where things get a bit difficult because there isn’t a single correct answer for how much you should pay for a Virtual Assistant.  First of all, it depends on where the VA lives, and secondly, it depends on what you need them to do.

You would be surprised to know that you can hire virtual assistants for almost every functional area of your business where physical appearance is not required – be it administrative tasks, social media management, data entry, or Internet research. Here are some of the main types of virtual assistants and what they do:

  • Social Media Virtual Assistant
  • Virtual Administrative Assistant
  • Virtual Data Entry Assistant
  • E-commerce Virtual Assistant
  • Real Estate Virtual Assistant
  • Virtual Research Assistant

In addition to these above-mentioned types, you can also hire virtual assistants for programming, digital marketing, customer support and chat support services.

Hiring a freelance virtual assistant is not always fruitful.  A freelance virtual assistant can be bit of a “hit or miss”.  However, hiring a virtual assistant from a reputable Australian agency, such as My Cloud Assistant Pty Ltd, keeps you safe.  We only hire virtual assistants after an extensive and thorough screening process, and if you are not satisfied with your VA after an initial trial we will assist in finding the right fit.

When you partner with My Cloud Assistant, you are on your way to a work life balance you’ve been dreaming of without breaking the bank.  Get started for as low as $590 – that is for 45 hours a month.  Call us now and get a free consultation!

Hiring a virtual assistant