Effects of overworking on your health and business

Effects on your health

With so many neglected aspects of your life competing for the little time and stamina you have left after work, the prospect of regular exercise – the cumbersome business of getting to the gym, for example, or going out for a run on a dark, rainy night – can quickly lose its appeal and its place in your schedule.

Then there’s your diet. Long, exhausting hours can leave you feeling too beat to prepare nutritious meals. Instead, quicker fixes become more appealing – crisps and snacks, ready meals and takeaways. It’s a very easy habit to fall into, but it won’t be long before it starts to take its toll on your body.

Long hours with few breaks can also encourage you to drink a lot of coffee, at all hours of the day, which is not advisable. A quick surge of caffeine-fueled energy may seem like just what you need, but too much caffeine can have a damaging effect on your body clock, nervous system and circulation.

The work-hard culture also often goes together with a play-hard one. After a tough day at work, drinking can produce a welcome release, but doing it regularly increases your chances of developing all sorts of serious and potentially fatal conditions, including anemia, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis, dementia and depression.

Then there are the direct physical effects of working long hours. If you work in an office, you probably spend the bulk of your day sitting in the same position. It might not be quite as damaging as going up chimneys or working down mines, but it still takes its toll. Back pain and RSI are two very common problems associated with desk work, and continuous computer use can put a heavy strain on your eyes.

And there’s the effect of stress, which can trigger a whole textbook of medical conditions all by itself.

All in all, working long hours tends to reduce your level of fitness, play havoc with your diet and put stress on your mind and body. The result? Poor circulation, increased weight, heart problems, higher cholesterol levels, lack of energy, poor sleep, bad concentration, nervous conditions, depression, and so on. With that lot in mind, health and fitness should really be at the very top of your list of priorities.

Effects on your business

More input doesn’t necessarily mean more output.

When “overtime” becomes “all the time,” longer work hours don’t always equate to higher productivity. In fact, one study found that in an 8-hour work day, most people are the most productive between hours 2 and 6, and by hour 9, fatigue sets in and productivity levels drop

You’re more likely to make mistakes.

Speaking of exhaustion, researchers have found that overwork — and the resulting stress and exhaustion — can make it far more difficult to do everything that a modern office requires, including interpersonal communication, making judgment calls, reading people, or managing one’s own emotional reactions.

You lose sight of the bigger picture.

The breaks we take to recharge, eat meals, or spend time with the people we love help us step back from our work and stay mindful of how our work contributes to our goals. These things reliably contribute to overall better performance at work.

Bottom line:

Sometimes, working long hours can feel rewarding – even invigorating. Other times, especially when we make a habit out of it, it can make us feel stressed, mad, lonely, and generally unhealthy. The key is paying attention to how it makes you feel. If it’s interfering with your mental, physical, or emotional help, it may be time to get some help by engaging a virtual assistant to help you with your time consuming and stressful tasks.

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